50 Freelance Business Ideas You Can Start for Free in 2023

Do you want to take control of your income and become a freelancer? Does the idea of working from home on your own time and not being tied down to a work commute everyday appeal to you? We have put together a list of freelance business ideas you can start with no money today.

Many people want to leave behind the traditional nine to five jobs in favor of supporting themselves with their long-practiced skills and passions. Leaving the standard job world behind can be a terrifying prospect. In the freelance business, there is no guarantee work will come frequently, especially in the beginning. However, freelancing is more popular than ever and it’s projected that by 2027, 86.5 million people will be freelancing in the United States alone acording to Fastcompany. That increase can be attributed to freelance marketplaces like Fiverr.

It is possible for you to become a full-time freelancer with some seriously hard work and determination. The first few months are going to be the toughest and this is where most freelancers bow out and return to the nine to five life. It won’t be relaxing, where you sit in pajamas and socks, chilling with your feet up on a recliner. You will have to be tough and power through even when you feel like giving up. Use the skills that you have acquired over your lifetime and figure out what your niche is. Let that start you on the path to success. Those who stick it out and use their knowledge well can see major success.

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How to start freelancing in 2023?

You don’t have to worry about having money to start your business. In fact, if you are brand new to freelancing, it is smarter to start off free. Even if you have money to put into a business, don’t accidentally invest in something you may not end up continuing to follow through with. The freelance business ideas listed below are all free to start up and run without investing money you may not have. Once the income starts to flow in, you can look into paid ways of advertising your business.

Here are a few essential things to keep in mind while starting as a freelancer:

  • Identify your skills and discover what you can do better than others.
  • Take a bit of time and find your niche.
  • Analyse what other freelancers are charging for similar services and get your price right.
  • Create a stunning portfolio.
  • Reach out to your first clients, don’t be shy.

Freelance ideas you can start today

So, check out the freelance business ideas below and research them completely. Find something that really resonates and that you know you can become successful with. Even if none of these business ideas appeal, it is a great start to branch out from.

Disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links! If you order something or register through one of the links below, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. We really appreciate your support!

1. Stock Photography

Looking for ways to make some money with your photography? Many photographers are finding that selling stock imagery is a great opportunity to turn their creativity into cash. Ready to get started? There are plenty of popular stock imagery sites that you can submit your images to. Here are two of the most popular to start with: Getty Images and Shutterstock.

2. Content Writing

Becoming a freelance content writer is an excellent work-at-home opportunity for professional, deadline-driven solopreneurs who want to make a living helping companies create effective digital marketing content. Good writing skills are all you need to get started. Here is a list of the best freelance websites for writers looking for new clients and gigs.

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3. Start a blog

In 2022,  blogging has become a profitable online profession and people at large start a blog to get into this noble profession. Is blogging still worth it? The short answer is yes, doing blogging in 2023 is worthwhile. If you want to speed up the process of launching your blog, there are three simple things you can do right now: register a domain name at a top-notch domain registrar such as Namecheap; set up a quick, affordable and easy to handle website hosting with a company like Flywheel (our personal hosting) and choose a simple and fast loading WordPress theme to begin working on your first post.

You can also follow this step-by-step post on QuickSprout which walks you through the entire process of starting a blog.

4. Social Media Marketing

If you have creative flair and understand how engaging multimedia content can be used in marketing, then a freelance career as a social media marketer may be for you. As a freelance social media expert, you can help companies understand how to use Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram, and every other platform to reach their business goals.

5. Youtube Video Creation

Making money via YouTube is no longer exclusive to platinum musicians or huge influencers. There are plenty of opportunities for everyday people to make money from YouTube, creating great video content on their channels. For you to start making money on YouTube, you have to enable monetization in your YouTube account settings. From there, you have options to join the YouTube Partners Program or have your videos listed on YouTube Premium.

6. Teaching and tutoring

Thanks to video chat, teaching is a freelance job you can do online or off. If you have something you’re skilled at and very passionate about, you can turn that winning combination into offering your services to people around the world. But simply having the expertise to teach is not enough: You’ll also need the right set of tools. With an extensive network spanning over 300 subjects, a platform such as Tutorhunt offers invaluable connections between students and expert tutors. Finding the right students to connect with and support your academic needs has never been simpler.

7. Graphic Design

Graphic designers are very in-demand online. People need logos, infographics, memes, blog post cover photos and more made all the time. To become a graphic designer, you need to build marketable skills that employers and clients value, including strong drawing skills, thorough knowledge of graphic design theory, mastery of design software, and a comprehensive understanding of professional standards. A great way to get started with freelance graphic design is by using Canva, an online designing tool that makes graphic design accessible to everyone. A great thing is that Canva currently offers a 30-day free access to their Pro plan which gives you access to all their advanced tools and templates.

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8. Web Design

Web designers are also in high demand and contrary to a popular belief, you don’t need a fancy bachelor’s degree in computer science to become one. The road to becoming a web designer can take a lot of twists and turns however. If you want to become a web designer, but you have no idea where to start, this guide is for you.

9. Copywriting

Copywriters create content for promotional and commercial use. Copy can be used for advertising, websites, billboards, email campaigns, newsletters, you name it. As a freelance copywriter, you may find yourself creating catchy taglines for magazine advertisements or composing a unique blog article optimized for the web. Freelance copywriters can work directly with clients, or through intermediaries such as agencies or online work exchanges.

10. Web Development

When you break it down to its core, becoming a freelance web developer is simple. You learn a technical skill like JavaScript or PHP and then find clients who are willing to pay you for your time. The real challenge for freelancers is figuring how to be successful. While there are thousands of developers on sites like Fiverr charging under $20/hour, there are also elite freelancers charging well over $100/hour on platforms such as Gun.io. So you want to learn web development but don’t know where to start? Start with taking a free online course on freeCodeCamp.

11. Game Development

According to google trends, the video game industry has been experiencing growth for a few years now. Luckily, this means that jobs are opening up all over the place for video game designers, developers, animators, and modelers. The next five years look promising for those interested in a career in gaming. Here is everything you need to know in order to become a computer game developer.

12. Affiliate Sales and Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a very lucrative online business opportunity; you can earn a lot of commission from promoting other people’s products online and offline. If you already have a website that’s driving in targeted traffic, one of the easiest side business ideas is to make passive income from the content you’re already creating. Amazon Associates and ShareASale are two of the best affiliate networks and tools that can help you make money from the content you already produce, thus amplifying your side business ideas income.

13. Online Course Production

Online learning and training have become an essential part of every online business. Creating and selling online courses can be quite profitable, with many professionals achieving 6- and 7-figure incomes. The whole eLearning market is expected to exceed $406 Billion by 2024, and that includes both individuals and corporations spending more and more into online learning. There has never been a better time to join the growing industry of eLearning. Creating an online course is easier than you think. You can start with enrolling in a useful course on Udemy to teach you all the essential aspects of creating and growing a successful online course.

14. Translation Services

The economy is more global than ever, making translators in high demand. If you speak English, Spanish, Chinese, French, Arabic, or another major global language, you can get gigs translating business ideas, documents and other materials. Fiverr has literally hundreds of freelance, remote translator jobs available right now and if you’re looking to land more remote work on the side of your other pursuits, then browse through these best remote jobs websites in 2020 to find the right opportunities for you.

15. E-book Writing

Looking to boost your freelance writing income? Writing and publishing an eBook can benefit your freelancer career in a multitude of ways. You not only get the extra cash and put your name out there, writing a book can be an amazing personal experience too. And the good news is that you can self-publish your eBook through several online publishing companies at no cost at all.

16. Resume and Cover Letter Writing

Due to the unemployment rate, the demand for freelance resume writers is at an all time high. A freelance resume writer helps job seekers turn their boring, bland resumes into well-crafted marketing tools that show off their skills and experience. Writing resumes for individuals offers you the opportunity to help them land a job, in addition to earning money from your writing skills. Don’t know where to start? Begin with yourself.

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17. Website Testing

There are loads of website and app owners who need users to test out their sites for usability and bugs. They don’t want their visitors to be confused when confronted with their website because they know that’s one of the main reasons why people hit the back button and look for a more conducive site.

18. Podcast Production

Podcast listener-ship continues to grow tremendously every year. The challenge for many who are interested in starting a profitable podcast is that technical know-how and logistics can seem overwhelming. While there is a lot to plan and do to start a podcast, it’s not difficult if you take it step-by-step.

19. Business Consulting

More and more people specializing in various areas of the economy have been embracing independent consultant careers over the past decade. With the business sector expanding, it is no wonder that one of the most popular choices is becoming a business consultant. Learning to how to be a consultant and how to get into consulting is not difficult either. The tricky part is making your entrepreneurship a successful endeavor.

20. Voice Over Services

Great ideas need great voice overs. Voice talent may be needed for any number of reasons, including phone recordings, virtual answering services, or video creation. Anyone with a computer and a good microphone can become a voice artist or narrator.

Check out these Voice Over business ideas on Fiverr for your inspiration.

21. Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants today are no longer just virtual secretaries who help you organize your schedule and reply to your emails. The range of skills and expertise you can choose from has become much wider, with freelancers specializing in specific areas like marketing, accounting, and e-commerce. Freelance virtual assistants are a great alternative to going through one of the virtual assistant companies.

22. Travel Consultant

Twenty years ago, travel agents were a regular feature on the high street and in malls. Customers visited in person or called to make travel bookings. Today, the situation is very different. Anyone can book flights, hotels and rental cars via an online web page. One of the great things about becoming a work-at-home travel agent is that it’s a relatively easy startup business idea and the costs are very low. With a basic home office (including internet connection, a phone, computer, printer, and website), you can get started with a host agency right away.

23. Interior Design Consultant

You don’t have to have a degree in design to become an interior design consultant. Just set up a portfolio of some of the successful redesigns you’ve done and ask your friends and family to start recommending you. Also, check out these Interior Design gig ideas on Fiverr for your inspiration.

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24. Music Writing and Production

Due to copyright laws, movie and TV producers are very limited in what music they can use in their productions. Many turn to freelance musicians to write and perform pieces for them. If you’re a skilled musician, you can start creating jingles and songs for businesses and get paid for doing what you love.

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25. Accounting

A freelance accountant, as the name suggests handles the financial accounts of clients he or she works for. Freelance accountants are mostly hired by small businesses as they cannot afford to have a salaried accountant. As a freelance accountant, you will be responsible for supervising, examining and recording the cash inflow and outflow of your client. If you have an eye for detail along with aptitude for numbers, then this is definitely a prospective profession for you.

26. Online Researching

Always got good grades on your research reports in school? That’s all the qualification you need to become an online researcher. Organizations need statistics for their whitepapers and infographics, for example. You can be their go-to person to find all the information they need to complete their work. You don’t have to write, just supply the data.

27. Grant Writing

If freelance writing is something you’re interested in, there are a ton of different types of writing jobs you can do. One is grant writing, or grant proposals. This can be a lucrative freelance writing niche that not many writers do, making it easy to find and land freelance writing jobs.

28. SEO Services

SEO services providers utilize the practice of search engine optimization to increase the amount of visitors to a Web site by obtaining high-ranking placements in the search results page of search engines. SEO can be daunting; especially for a small business owner or young professional just starting out. But here’s the good news: there is more than enough free training materials available to turn a knowledge-hungry newbie into an SEO expert.

29. Google Advertising Consulting

Google AdWords lead the world of Online Advertising. An ever-increasing number of businesses are exploring the advantages of Google AdWords to let their PPC campaigns target new audiences and boost ROI. Most of the businesses nowadays use AdWords to run their Paid Ads. Such a great dependence on AdWords has created a great career opportunity for a Certified Google AdWords Consultant. Google’s Adwords Certification provides free online training so you can learn the ins and outs of AdWords and pick up tips on what works and what doesn’t.

30. Wedding Photography

So you want to start a wedding photography business but you just don’t know how to book your first wedding client? Here are few tips on how to book that first wedding client and build your portfolio.

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31. Pet Training

Freelance animal training is a job that can really take off in an area full of pets. Successful freelance animal trainers usually need training and experience in working with a variety of animals, and offering associated services such as animal care, animal grooming and even dog walking can all help to supplement a freelance animal trainer’s income.

32. Uber Driver

Some of you may even be considering becoming an Uber or Lyft driver. Both companies are actively recruiting drivers through sponsored social media and Craigslist advertisements. To qualify as an Uber driver, you must be at least 21 years of age and have at least one year of driving experience.

33. Food Delivery

The rise of digital technology is reshaping the food delivery market. Consumers accustomed to shopping online through apps or websites, with maximum convenience and transparency, increasingly expect the same experience when it comes to ordering dinner. Postmates and DoorDash for example are among the fastest-growing food delivery apps, and both apps are now hiring delivery drivers in most major US cities. Delivery drivers for Postmates and DoorDash receive orders from local customers and use their own vehicle to pick up and drop off deliveries. Drivers are paid for each delivery and set their own hours.

34. Personal Fitness Training

A Fitness Instructor, also known as a Personal Trainer, provides training and instruction of fitness programs to individuals and groups. The Fitness Instructor engages clients in exercise routines and weight loss programs, and helps them to reach their individual goals. It’s an ideal career for anyone who is passionate about staying healthy.

35. Yoga tutoring

In today’s busy business world, a lot of people don’t have time to travel to the gym every day. Instead you can bring yoga instruction to them right in their home! Become a certified instructor and offer this service to wealthy clients who want personal classes.

36. Yard Work Services

A large proportion of homeowners and small businesses have lawns to tend to. Many turn to independent providers of yard work services to take care of their lawn care woes. To start and sustain a yard work services side business idea, you need training, equipment, and a growing network of customers.

37. Data Analyst

Data analysis is on the rise. Companies of different sizes and from every industry are using data analytics to not only examine historical transactions and events, but also to understand emerging trends in customer or user behavior and predict the future. Many people pursuing a career in data analytics envision a full-time, in-office role with all the perks commonly found at tech companies. But there’s an alternative that provides more freedom and flexibility: freelance data analysis.

A freelance data analyst is self-employed and sells their time and services to organizations on a contractual basis. These jobs are growing in popularity.

38. College Counseling

The role of a college admissions counselor is to help students. Every college and university employs a team of admissions counselors responsible for attracting, recruiting, and admitting students. These professionals (sometimes just called college counselors) regularly travel from high school to high school seeking out candidates for admission. They recruit and guide star students through the admissions process; they also review applications to identify potential candidates for their school.

39. Property Manager

A property manager is a person in charge of the rental and operation of a real estate property. This involves various duties such as finding renters, keeping track of lease information, and coordinating repairs and other basic maintenance. If you’re new to the industry and want to learn how to become a property manager without experience, here is a helpful guide.

40. Sell on Etsy

Have a talent for crafting or creating other handmade goods? Etsy is a marketplace for independent artists selling handmade and vintage products. Like eBay and Amazon, they are one of the most recognizable brands in e-commerce with a dedicated base of both buyers and sellers. This guide will help you through the first steps of opening your shop, shares tips on how to get a strong start, and provides resources for further guidance along the way.

41. Online Dating Consultant

Dating consultants can help you to more easily find a date and let your date become more successful due to their tips for singles. You don’t need a particular education or certification to be a dating consultant. However, having a relevant college degree such as social work or psychology, training as a therapist or taking a certification course can make you more attractive to potential clients and give you the skills to become successful faster.

42. WordPress Developer and Consultant

It’s a great time to start learning WordPress as a developer. The platform continues to dominate in every single aspect, and more companies than ever are investing their resources into producing WordPress-related content. And 2022 is looking like a year unlike any other in the WordPress history.

Check out these WordPress Development business ideas on Fiverr for your inspiration.

43. Rent your car on Turo

Turo, popularly referred to as the “Airbnb of cars,” is one of many ways to earn extra income from your existing assets in today’s ever-growing gig economy. You rent out your vehicle and make some money when it’s not in use, and you do not need to be the driver.

44. Fill out online Surveys

Taking online paid surveys isn’t a conventional job that pays an hourly wage, but is a great way of earning money online. All you need is an internet connection. Here are the fourteen best survey sites to make legitimate money today.

45. Test Apps Online

There are thousands of ways to make money on the Internet, but one of the most overlooked is mobile and web app testing. This sounds like a fun way of making money online right? All you need is a testing device such as a PC or Mac, iOS, or Android. In some cases, you may also need a microphone.

46. Tour Guide

Tour Guiding is one of the most rewarding and inspiring ways to discover the culture, history and language of your place while sharing it with people from all over the world. If you love working outside in the fresh air, walking around a city that you love, sharing its fascinating history with people who are enjoying their stay in it, then tour guiding is a good job for you. There are no specific requirements to become a tour guide, as skills are gained while working.

47. DJ-ing

Are you a music fan? Do you listen to music every chance you get? Do you know all of the hottest tracks? If this sounds like you, why don’t you become a DJ? Disc Jockeys, or DJs, have one of the best jobs around. It’s their job to entertain live audiences with their musical selections. Typically they get paid to mix music at weddings, parties, clubs, cruise ships, bars, radio stations, raves, nightclubs, or other venues. As the DJ, you’re the face of the music scene and you get to bring your vibes to the audience to make the party come alive. Getting paid to DJ might just be the best job ever.

48. Work on Task Platforms

For people looking for ways to make money by doing various jobs on the side, task platforms can be a a great option. Two most popular such platforms are TaskRabbit and Airtasker.

TaskRabbit is an online and mobile marketplace that matches users with “Taskers,” the providers of personal services, such as house cleaning, gardening, running errands, doing chores, planning parties and more. Airtasker is very easy to use and can help you complete your home cleaning tasks, handyman jobs, admin work, and more local services. It also caters remote jobs like blog writing, graphic designing, photography, virtual assistance and even build a website.

It is a good way to earn income while helping others. You set your own hours and your own hourly rate. Because you set your rate, the compensation for your time can be great, flexible and reliable.

49. Transcription Services

Are you looking for ways to earn some money or make that extra cash without too much hustle? Then you should consider transcription jobs. General transcription is something that anyone can do to earn some money online right from the comfort of your home. Here are top work at home transcription jobs for beginners and pros.

50. Child Care

If you love kids and have some spare time, you can earn plenty of side income by looking after children while their parents are away. The need for childcare professionals is greater today than in the past times. As teachers continue to retire, the rate of enrollment has tremendously increased hence there is a continuous need for quality childcare providers.

Hopefully this list will help you discover some new freelance business ideas to start from. What other business ideas do you have for freelancers? Leave a comment below and we’ll add the top suggestions to this list.

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