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Our Mission

Hi, my name is Liviu Craciun and I am the founder of Being a freelancer myself in the last eight years and having worked on several freelance platforms I realized two essential things:

  1. More and more people turn to freelancing and start their freelance career from scratch.
  2. It is getting harder and harder to build up a freelancing business and reputation on those platforms as people tend to hire already established freelancers.

Having these things in mind I decided to create this website to embark on a very important mission: to give aspiring freelancers a career boost by going on these platforms which are very familiar to me to find, promote and showcase freelance talent.

What is Huntlancer’s concept?

We have a fun concept on our website: 

  1. We come up with creative and fun ideas to hire freelancers online in various categories such as design, writing, video, music production, web development and many others. 
  2. We discover and hire most suitable freelancers on several platforms such as Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork. 
  3. We feature these freelancers and showcase their work by creating engaging posts on our website. 

Examples of creative ideas to hire freelancers: logo design, book covers, portraits, video animations, articles, music clips, app development. There are endless possibilities.

We are constantly hiring freelancers

If you are a freelancer and want to gain more exposure for your work please send us an email and tell us a bit about what you do. As we stated above, our website’s mission is to discover and showcase freelancers from around the world. We are constantly looking for new freelance talent.

What is a ‘hunter’ on Huntlancer?

A (talent) hunter is a person/business entity who submits a post on our website following the concept above. The post will show the hunter’s name and description with the ‘hunted by’ tag in front.

Who can be a ‘hunter’ on Huntlancer?

A hunter can be anyone who works with freelancers and wants to showcase their work. Here are few examples of suitable features on our website:

You start a new project and decide to hire a freelancer or several freelancers to design the logo of your brand. Or you are a book writer and need a freelancer or several to create the best book cover version for you.

By featuring on our website you get to promote your work, get feedback from our readers and feature those freelancers so they can be discovered and hired by other people. It is a win win situation all around.

If you have a suitable idea for our website and would like to get featured feel free to contact us any time.

We are on the hunt for freelance talent!

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