35 Work From Home Jobs you can Start with no Experience in 2023

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Written By Liviu Craciun
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It is safe to say that the events of the last years have been unexpected, unprecedented and shocking. As the world attempts to adapt to a new normal in order to protect ourselves and our families, staying away from public spaces has become the new way of living. Luckily, there are a ton of remote, work from home jobs out there that don’t require experience and could be a great fit for you.

This includes working from home, staying away from office spaces, retailers, restaurants – everywhere. For some people, they have been fortunate to continue their jobs from home via online video communication. However, for many others, social distancing policies that have been enforced have resulted in them being furloughed from their jobs.

But it doesn’t have to be concerning. In fact, these unheard-of times have provided the perfect opportunity to utilise the resources in your home, and your newfound free time, to earn money from your kitchen table. Also, working remotely has lead to some advantages that you didn’t have when working at the office.

What are some benefits of working from home?

  • Location Independence
  • Greater productivity
  • Better Work-Life Balance
  • Extra money saved on office attire, commutes or gas
  • Cozy clothes
  • Personalised work environment 

There are many work from home jobs that you can do that don’t require experience and just about anyone can do. All you need is a computer and the enthusiasm and motivation to get started.

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Best Work From Home No Experience Jobs You Can Start Today

Check out our work from home job ideas below and seize the opportunity to make the best out of these troubling times.

Disclosure: this post contains some affiliate links! If you order something or register through one of the links below, you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. We really appreciate your support!

1. Write Transcripts and Close Captions

There is no limit to the types of transcripts you could write. They are written/typed records of any proceedings; from business meetings and court cases to television programmes, they are an identical record of the spoken word. They can be used as clear, solid evidence of a conversation or verbal transaction that has occurred. 

It can be time-consuming as you must listen attentively to the words being spoken, so if you have a deadline leave plenty of time to transcribe. Make sure to take your time transcribing and proofread your work thoroughly to build up a good reputation and continue receiving job offers.

If you’re not sure where to start, Rev is the perfect platform to check out with transcription and captioning jobs available.

2. Do Translation Jobs

Good translators are highly sought after, and there is no shortage of translation jobs available on freelancing websites such as Upwork and Fiverr. If you are multilingual at an advanced level, you could be doing jobs online like interpreting written material for your customers like emails or long-form text. Or you could be a translator for a company between their team and a foreign team. Advertise yourself, and get your name out there through online agencies like Gengo or Smartling and earn money from your language skills.

3. Become a Freelance Writer

If you are a good writer and you are able to write fluently, effectively and logically, then you should try your hand at becoming a freelance writer.

It is becoming increasingly more common for businesses, newspapers and magazines to hire freelance writers rather than hiring full-time writers, so take advantage. The job is not limited to the expected article writing, but also scripts, copywriting, marketing and branding.

We’ve already compiled an informative step by step guide on how to become a freelancer writer in 2023, so check it out for our tips.

4. Offer Copywriting Services

Copywriting is simply writing text for the purpose of advertising and can be an incredibly lucrative career and can be done from the comfort of your living room. All you need is a laptop and good intuition on how to sell products or educate customers. This is achieved through persuasive writing and is a critical part of marketing and advertising campaigns to engage customers and convince them to buy.

5. Write Reviews Online

Writing reviews can be a great way to make money online. The reason for reviews is to influence other buyers’ decisions on whether to make the purchase or not. Good reviews can also have a positive impact on where services/e-commerce stores appear in web listings, therefore it is unsurprising that online businesses hire people to write favourable reviews to boost sales.

Do your own research before writing reviews online for money to ensure it is not a scam. Capterra and ModernMom are a couple of places you can start.

6. Offer Editing and Proofreading Services

Editing and Proofreading work is vital to ensure there are no obvious mistakes, that issues with grammar and sentence structure are resolved and that all information is correct. However, it is a long and tedious process that not everyone has time to do. Therefore, you can make money online by providing editing and proofreading services for busy individuals. You must be thorough and careful in this role to ensure you don’t miss anything, but these services are highly sought after and can be lucrative.

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7. Start Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing involves promoting a product for another person’s company via online platforms, particularly on social media, then receiving commission from the products that are sold from your marketing efforts. Although it sounds simple, it requires dedication in the beginning to build your online presence, gain followers and consistently posting great content to drive traffic to the company’s website. The initial effort is definitely worth it and can be a great way to make money from home.

To get started, sign up for an affiliate program. One that we trust, recommend and use ourselves if the Fiverr affiliate program. Anyone can join and you don’t even need your own website (although having one definitely helps). It is a great place to start earning money.

8. Start a Blog

Starting a blog can be a great way to not only make money, but to also channel something that you are passionate about into an online platform where you can build a community of like-minded people. It has become so much easier to create a blog in 2023 and there is plenty of information online to guide you through the process. The main steps to bear in mind are, first, to choose an available domain name at a good domain registrar like Namecheap.

Decide what your niche is and stick to it. This could be travel, food, fashion, lifestyle, technology – the possibilities for blog topics are endless.

Also, choose a good website builder (also known as a Content Management System) to run your blog on. We recommend WordPress as it is more flexible and customizable than others.

Next, choose a hosting company to officially get your blog online. Our favourite one for starting out is Bluehost. Finally, take some time to design your blog with a great WordPress theme that is also fast. We recommend the Hello Theme or Astra (both of which are 100% free and have the ability to upgrade more later).

9. Do Voice-Over Jobs

This one is for the budding performers out there. With the advancement of technology and the digital age we live in, doing voice-over jobs from home is entirely possible, you just need to take the first step and advertise your services. You can do commercials, scripts, audiobooks, documentaries, films – there are a huge range of opportunities for voice-over artists to find work online, and now you have plenty of time to do it.

If you need to learn the ropes of voice acting, then be sure to check out this $16 course on Udemy, and soon you’ll be doing voice-overs like a pro.

10. Start a Photography Business

Have you always had a passion for photography but never had the time to pursue to as a career? Well now is the perfect time to begin earning money from your favourite hobby. Be brave and put your work out into the world. Build a consistent, professional brand for yourself and use it to advertise your work and services across various social media platforms, as well as your own website. And if you’re not sure where to begin selling, try out a stock photography website such as Getty Images to get your photos out there.

Find your niche in order to stand out and take the time every day to create great content to increase engagement and drive traffic to your website.

We recommend using and mastering a good photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop. If you’re just starting out in photography, why not take a crash course in getting started with Photoshop for a very affordable price. It is completely legitimate and saves you hours of online research time.

11. Create and Sell Video Content

The popularity of video content online is undeniable. Now that creating YouTube videos has become a viable full-time career, and the rise of TikTok influencers in the last few months is unparalleled, trying your hand at consistently creating engaging and fun videos that appeal to the masses could make you very successful.

If being the centre of attention is not your thing, and you have a natural talent for video making, another option for video content creators is to become a freelancer and make videos for your clients and their brands. Video marketing is incredibly effective, therefore skilled video makers are in high demand.

You can achieve the best, high quality video editing with a good software like Adobe Premiere Pro. If you’re unfamiliar with this tool, improve your skills with this Adobe Premiere Pro Fundamentals course available on Fiverr Learn.

12. Start a Youtube Channel

We briefly mentioned this in step 11, but it deserves to be spoken about more as it is a fun, inventive way of earning a living online to the point that it doesn’t even feel like work.

As with starting any type of online blog or personal brand, you need to find your niche and build your online presence to draw people in to watch your videos. Stay true to your brand and make high quality, entertaining content as often as possible to get your name out there.

Also, don’t forget to enable monetization, this means YouTube will pay you depending on how many views you receive, which is even more of an incentive to spend the time to create amazing content.

13. Start a Podcast

Podcasts are a hugely popular platform, with over 155 million people listening to them every week in 2023. Making money from your podcast is similar to how you make money when blogging. You can earn money through sponsorships, affiliate marketing and adverts.

It is not difficult to start your own podcast, but it requires careful planning to get it up and running.

You need to choose a topic and name and begin to plan episodes, so you don’t run out of ideas early on. Build a brand for your podcast, including cover art and theme music and make sure you have the equipment required. It may sound like a lot of work, but once you have a solid idea and brand, you can begin recording and upload your first episode.

For a more in depth guide on how to start a podcast, this course available on Fiverr Learn is a great place to start.

You also don’t have to start a podcast alone, especially if you are struggling. With minimum investment you can reach out to other freelancers online who are experts in this field and can help set you up with a great, and hopefully successful, podcast. Here are some Podcast production services on Fiverr you might want to consider.

14. Become an Online Seller

Going into online sales invites a broad range of selling opportunities that anyone can do from home. This could be telesales (selling a company’s products over the phone), being a call centre agent, or being a sales development representative for software companies.

Also consider venturing into the ecommerce space to earn extra money, by selling products via eBay or Amazon.

15. Sell (your own) crafts

Selling crafts, whether they are your own or you are selling on behalf of someone else, is a rewarding venture to undertake. With the right branding that is appealing to customers, and by utilising online platforms like Etsy and Instagram to advertise and sell your work, you can gain a significant profit on craft items. These could be homemade soaps, artwork, scrunchies, masks, jewellery and many more.

If clothing is more your thing, then check out RedBubble, a hugely popular site to sell your homemade t-shirt designs. You don’t even have to print and ship them, they will take care of all the process for you.

16. Sell Children’s Books

There is no better time than now to encourage children to read books, so why not facilitate that by selling children’s books yourself? Collect old children’s books that you may have in your home or that you do not use anymore and sell them through online marketplaces like Ziffit, Facebook Marketplace and BookScouter. Not only does this make you money, it also means you can declutter your home of items you no longer use.

17. Do Social Media Management Jobs

Social Media managers are responsible for representing a company or a brand across their social media accounts, creating a sole, consistent voice that represents who they are and their values. They write posts, respond to comments and keep on track of engagement. Considering the highly digital world we now live in, there is no shortage of social media management jobs where you can be paid to use Twitter and Instagram all day.

To help you stand out in a crowd of applicants, study up beforehand on this virtual course provided by Fiverr Learn on social media content strategy.

18. Become a Virtual Assistant

This is just like being a normal assistant, except it is entirely online. Virtual Assistants can be hired by clients to perform a variety of tasks and responsibilities, generally administrative, such as responding to emails and phone calls, scheduling meetings, managing contacts, preparing and maintaining online records, perform market research and making travel arrangements, just to name a few. This role is for people who are highly organised and good with time management, but anyone can learn to be a great virtual assistant.

Tools you should have installed and ready to go as a Virtual Assistant are: Google Calendar, Zoom, Grammarly, Freshbooks. These are hugely popular with employers and you’ll more than likely use them in this role. If you want to know all the tools that will help your VA business succeed, this cheap course on Udemy covers just that, so take a look if interested: 20 Must have tools for Virtual Assistants.

19. Do Customer Service Jobs

The great thing about customer service jobs is that, in pretty much every industry, they can be performed entirely remotely with just a computer and telephone needed. You can advertise yourself as a call centre agent who can be hired by companies to perform their customer service roles. This usually involves helping customers with complaints and questions they may have and being a positive representative of the company as a whole.

20. Become a Chat Support Agent

Chat Support Agents are a popular tool that companies use to communicate with customers directly through live chat or email. Their role is to answer questions, solve problems with the purpose of satisfying the needs of the customer. It is a type of customer service job, and due to the fast turnaround, which is similar to instant messaging, this is a popular mode of contact between the customer and the company.

There are a few basic requirements to be considered for this type of role, like a reliable internet connection, good typing speed with minimal typos, being friendly but professional and being self-disciplined to work from home.

If you feel that you encompass these qualities, then have a look at these websites to find the perfect Online Chat Job for you: Arise, Liveperson, Support.com.

21. Become an Online Community Moderator

Online Community Moderators are hired to monitor and moderate user-generated content on an online platform to ensure that the space continues to be a safe, fun environment for users to interact on, and that no illegal activity or posts that are cause for concern occur. This creates a secure and protected online community for a brand or company, where their users’ needs and well-being are prioritised.

Some of the best places that you can look to become a moderator online is Cloudworkers, a well-respected chat moderation companies globally. Or, if gaming is more your speed, these companies are also often in need of moderators: Gameloft, Ubisoft.

22. Do Online Language Teaching Jobs

There are many opportunities to become an online language teacher, with people from all over the world putting up adverts in search of English teachers who can tutor their children, or who want to learn a new language themselves.

You can facilitate lessons by using online video communication tools like Skype or Zoom and teach vocabulary and grammar, you can do speaking and listening exercises, you can help them read stories to you. This is an incredibly rewarding job that allows you to meet new people from all over the globe. Check out VIPKID to teach English online, or italki for teaching other languages.

23. Offer Tutoring Online

There will always be students who need a tutor, and what better time is there than now to offer your services to a struggling pupil. Have a think about what subject you thrive in and that you would feel comfortable teaching, this could be in Mathematics, English, Science, History and many more; decide what level you would like to tutor, i.e. is it for younger students or for older kids.

Once you have made these decisions, you can find work on platforms like Teachable. Another good idea is to create and sell your own course online on platforms such as Udemy.

24. Do Search Engine Evaluator Jobs

This job heavily relies on the internet, so make sure that you have consistent access whilst working. A Search Engine Evaluator does just that, they evaluate. Their job is to analyse search results to ensure they are relevant. This analysis is done through web search and video evaluations, as well as research which is conducted to provide feedback on the accuracy of search results, and how useful results pages are.

There are always search engine evaluator work from home jobs being advertised, especially by companies like Appen and The Smart Crowd, so check them out now.

25. Become a Travel Consultant

The first thing on most people’s ‘to do lists’ after lock-down is undoubtedly to travel. So why not help make their dreams a reality by becoming a travel consultant, working entirely from home. This role would be as simple as hunting for the best flight deals, finding the perfect hotels then putting the whole holiday into action for your clients. The more people you help, the better your reputation will be as one of the top travel consultants who knows the coolest places to go.

26. Do Data Entry Jobs

If you choose to do data entry jobs, your day will involve entering information into databases on your computer. The types of data that you are inputting can vary from company to company, examples being client information, market research results or financial information. It may also be text-based or numerical.

The job can easily be undertaken at home and simply requires a computer, and some savvy on how to navigate a spreadsheet or database. If you feel like you want to gain more insights in the role, then take this data entry Udemy course to get you up to speed.

27. Do Digital Marketing Jobs

Digital Marketing has become a hugely influential way for companies to promote and advertise their brand and products. There are many ways to become involved as it becomes one of the most popular marketing channels for businesses. 

Within digital marketing comes many jobs. You can choose to go into social media content or video engagement, or perhaps apply to be a digital marketing assistant. If you enjoy working in this channel of marketing, and you pursue this at home, it will provide you with legions of experience when you apply for jobs in the future.

To build on your skills and knowledge further, here is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses available that can help you on this career path.

28. Design Banners on Canva

This job is for the creative people out there. Canva is an online platform for graphic designers to easily create visual content. This could be banners for web pages, media graphics, presentation templates, posters, logos and much more.

This is a great way to hone your craft and build up a portfolio. If your designs are successful on Canva, this could lead to you branching out and creating your own website to sell your creations. Here are some free tutorials that will help you get started on Canva.

29. Sell Insurance Online

Selling jobs are a great way to make money from home, as your telephone and your voice are the only tools you need. A great thing to sell is insurance as there are so many types, meaning you can choose the one that best suits you. There is life insurance, car insurance and pet insurance just to give you a few ideas.

30. Do Research Jobs

Be careful, as some research jobs may require prior experience, but don’t let that put you off as there are many opportunities online to do paid research. Entry level research jobs involve tasks like market research for new products, product testing or completing surveys.

31. List Products for Companies

Product listing jobs for ecommerce companies are a great, simple way to earn money from home without needing experience. The role is to organise a business’s goods, stock, price based on category or search query. It is essential for ecommerce websites as it increases conversion rates and encourages user engagement.

32. Do Micro Task Jobs

Micro jobs are literally what it says on the tin: jobs that are small, temporary and task-based, more often than not booked through the internet. Micro task jobs could encompass numerous jobs that have been in this list so far, like being hired to write blogs, be a virtual assistant or aid in website design. This is a great way to make money without committing to a huge, time-consuming project, and applying for work simply when it suits you.

33. Test Websites and Apps

It is essential for websites and apps to be user-friendly, especially as we rely on them more and more as a society. You can now get paid to test websites and apps on their usability, earning between $10-$15 for the short time you spend doing this. If this interests you, check out websites like Usertesting, and Testwork to get started.

34. Test Games

Yes, you heard that right. You can get paid to test games. Just like testing websites and apps, games need testing too to make sure they are playable, user-friendly and uncomplicated. A great website to get started is PlaytestCloud which is a company that connects game developers to testers. They’ve worked with top game companies like Wooga and TinyCo and are currently on the hunt for new game testers to add to their database.

35. Take Online Surveys

Have you ever seen those adverts that offer you money for taking an online survey and not believed it? Well, it’s true. There are surveys that you can do online and earn a huge variety of rewards for participating, and they are entirely legitimate. Check out survey sites like Survey Junkie and InboxDollars to earn some extra cash.


As you can see, there are so many ways to make money from working at home that means you don’t have to put your life on hold amidst the pandemic. There are work from home jobs with no experience for everyone, no matter your skillset. For some people, entering the world of online freelancing could become a permanent career, so take your time to research your niche and dedicate time every day to improve your craft. If you are nervous, all you have to do is take a leap of faith, trust your ability and give working from home a chance. You may surprise yourself.

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