12 Unusual Gigs on Fiverr that achieved great success in 2020

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Anything for five bucks? Yes, Fiverr is the one-stop freelance website not only for tech jobs and design services but also for some of the funniest and strangest gigs it offers. Through all the unusual gigs on Fiverr mentioned in this list people make a good decent living and receive tens of orders a month.

Wanting your ex back? Or want to bewitch your girlfriend? Or maybe you want President Donald Trump to wish your best friend a very happy birthday? Well, the list of unusual gigs on Fiverr continues. On Fiverr you can also find a few sellers who will make your wish come true or have Jesus say anything you want.

I kicked off this year searching for the strangest and most unusual gigs on Fiverr. So let’s have a look at these weird offerings.

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12. Bring your ex back

Zoe is a teacher and practitioner of energy healing and white magic. She can pray, meditate and cast spells to bring back your Ex. She was born with an exceptional gift, coming from her bloodline and she has been blessed with fortunetelling abilities. 

12 unusual gigs on fiverr that achieved great success in 2020

With more than one thousand perfect five-star reviews we tend to believe her magic really works. Here is what some of her customers are saying:

Zoe was so comforting through this hard time that I am having ,all that she said was true about my ex partner , Zoe is a lovely kind person.

She did a wonderful job with the delivery of the order and what she said is very accurate. I really hope it works.

Miss Zoe gave me a surprisingly accurate description of my situation. I was cynical before ordering but the diagnosis was completely accurate. I’m now waiting for the results to manifest later so being hopeful.

11. This person will predict your future using vedic astrology

This seller claims to have more than 30 Years of experience in Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Psychic Guidance, Tarot Reading, Dream Interpretation and Vastu sastra. He has pronounced 3 mantras for about 1,000,008 times (what an accurate number) and that also gave them some enormous power to predict and to solve other peoples problems.

12 unusual gigs on fiverr that achieved great success in 2020 predict your future


Excellent knowledge.Quiet accurate.Provides detailed study and responds wonderfully to queries. He is a true Yogi and justifies his name!

I bought this gig because I’ve always liked and trusted astrology. I had some questions and I wanted them to be answered by someone who knew their subject well. Very satisfied.

Absolutely wonderful. Great communication. Spot on!

10. Get a Happy Birthday video from Donald Trump

Heri Yusuf is a professional Video Editor, VFX artist, Vector Artist & Illustrator from Indonesia.

Happy Birthday from Donald Trump - 12 unusual gigs on fiverr that achieved great success in 2020


Great GIG great fast service.

Awesome work and incredibly fast. Maybe an hour turnaround. Just awesome.

Always a great product.

9. This guy will dance and sing your logo, business or friend

This guy is an Australian born, former stunt actor who lived, traveled & worked all over the world and now lives in Las Vegas. He is also a speaker, author, and influencer with a large fan base. His first passion is FUN & Creative, but can adapt with the serious as well.

unusual gigs on fiverr that achieved great success in 2020


Fast as always and extraordinary quality! Super happy about the result – again.

I love this kind of improvisation, and there is always something viral in every of his works, thank you!

Perfect! Awesome service, I changed my mind about what I wanted, was absolutely no hassle! Prompt too!

8. Get an exclusive message from ‘the boatman’

With thousands of orders served to his clients ‘the boatmen’ is already a Fiverr senzation. His name is Varun Karkhanis, he lives in India, he is very good at video editing and love to make funny videos.

12 unusual gigs on fiverr that achieved great success in 2020


Super delivery! Very fast with good entertainment value.

Boatman for the win! Great service too.

varun_karkhanis is very professional and delivered my request in record time. Very satisfied with my order and will definitely work with him in the future again.

7. This person will read your palm in detail

Thanks to her 25+ years of experience in palm reading, Alexandra will provide you with the most accurate reading of your palm. Find out all about your future, destiny, health, love and spiritual life.

Read your palm in details gigs on fiverr


I found this reading to be quite lackluster and mediocre at best. Very general information that I can find myself easily on the internet. The report does not go into detail as the description says, and there is a lot of repetition used in the report.

Very insightful and vivid reading with explanations of things I never knew.

Most of things were accurate , I liked the palm reading she was able to answer of my questions.

6. Morgan Freeman, Gandalf or other celebrity impersonator for hire

Charlie is a 27 year old impressionist and voice actor from West Yorkshire, England. Recurring Morgan Freeman narrator for Channel 4 and Netflix series Lookalikes. His impressions have been viewed worldwide over 100 million times.

Voiceover Celebrity Impersonator, Morgan Freeman, Gandalf - 12 unusual gigs on Fiverr that achieved great success in 2020.


He is an amazing impressionist, spot on! He was very kind and patient in the process and overall just amazing! 10/10

Took longer than had hoped – but it is the holiday season. Overall I’m satisfied with it – sounds like Yoda.

An absolute pleasure to work with Charlie, who accommodated a very tight deadline. Fantastic work. We’re very pleased and would highly recommend to anyone.

5. Write any message in a cup of cappuccino coffee

This seller is from the UK. Over 6 years on Fiverr, over 5,000 sales, 100% positive ratings throughout. Top Rated, Super Seller, Fiverr Ambassador – You can buy from her with confidence.

message in a cup of cappuccino fiverr


I’ll recommend this to everyone. Work performed as per requirements.

Superfast delivery of fabulous images. Highly recommended.

Wonderful, patient and very helpful for our first ever Fiverr experience. We’ll be back for more

4. Happy birthday from Old Man Steve talking to his Banana

Old Man Steve is 81 years old from Dallas, Texas and he is having fun and doing something he loves. You can also find him on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so check him out.

happy birthday old man steve fiverr


I don’t think I’ll ever send someone a normal happy birthday again. This was the absolute best!

So fun and super quick delivery.

Bought a birthday shoutout for my brother and oldmansteve did such a great job with the video. It’s so funny and I know my brother will love it!

3. Get a ‘wacky’ message from the wacky duck hunter nintendo duck dynasty

This guy really loves making videos on Fiverr and has over 2,000 awesome reviews. Ordering is easy and collaboration is friendly and straightforward. He has crafted some great packages and he is always ready to tackle special editing requests for his customers.

message from wacky duck hunter nintendo fiverr


I am SO happy with this!!! Thank you so much. A few pc issues but it didn’t take away from the quality of the video at all.

It was a pleasure to work with him. He was extremely generous and filled our hearts with glee. It was a euphoric experience.

A bit of delay, but only by a couple hours, Im very satisfied with the finished product.

2. This person will make your wish come true

A spiritual healer from Romania traveling the world. One of his main purposes in life is to help people, giving a hand to those in need. Working with energy is one of his best native gifts which he managed to polish after learning from various masters over the years.

make a wish come true gigs on fiverr


Gabonne is for real. He always comes through for me.

Very kind seller, answered all questions I had and provided advice. I believe that things will manifest, and the way getting there was already very promising!

Incredible fast and and even with extra reading on top of it. There are no words to value the work of this seller. Thank you so much! Your help truly means the world the me.

1. Have Jesus say anything you want in a video

Have the Lord himself create an awesome HD video for you or your loved one… or, someone you hate! Jesus can be serious and or funny! Jesus will say anything you want.

jesus delivers your message on fiverr


I bought the gig because JC does only the best of work. JC exceeded my expectations, once again, amazing work.

Great present for someone hard to buy for, excellent job, I loved it and really quick, very happy with finished product, will use again.

Took a while to deliver because of personal issues on his side but he did communicate the reasons after the gig was late. End product turned out as good as i hoped.

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