9 Fiverr sellers who make 6 figures a year in 2020

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Once you have broken into the Fiverr world and started making a name for yourself, how do you truly see success? Well, you should check out the following nine Fiverr sellers who make six digits a year on the platform.  They have taken their business niche and really made it shine with excellent customer service and products.

Take levinewman for example. He has taken the job of copywriting, which can be a challenging business to start and made a living for himself. He makes great use of his bio to really showcase his talents and skills to customers. The gigs themselves are well described and clear with what the product is.

Another example is socalchrist. All of his gigs revolve around him dressing up as Jesus and saying a message for the customer in a video. It seems like a silly idea, but his gigs have taken off. He has broken into the video entertainment area by creating a niche that hadn’t had any offerings before.

Content Writing Service on Fiverr for hire

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These are only two examples out of the bunch, and all the Fiverr sellers below give you excellent examples of what to do to see the most accomplishment. Check them all out and hire with confidence! You won’t be disappointed.

1. Professional Voice Acting

redhorrocks - Fiverr sellers who make 6 figures a year

Redd Horrocks is a Voice Actress with over 16+ years experience in everything from video games to phone systems to explainer videos to children’s books. She is originally from the South East of England and has a natural British accent, as well as a Standard American accent from living in the US for 15 years.

2. Creative content writing

faswaldo - Fiverr sellers who make six figures a year in 2020

Alex Fasulo aka faswaldo on Fiverr is a 26-year-old copywriter, professionally trained editor, and public relations coordinator. She specializes in writing blogs, press releases, website content, captions, and product descriptions. She is open to any gig involving writing or editing.

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3. Video Content Creation

djyoung - Fiverr sellers who make six figures a year in 2020

For more than ten years djyoung worked as an independent voice actor, and the creative director of his own business, JumpStart Video in Boulder, CO. They are a US-based team that have become experts in creating video content of many different types and styles for clients all over the world! With more than 12,000 gigs successfully completed here on Fiverr, they’ve been chosen as a super seller and have had their work featured in publications like CNBC “Make It”, Business Insider, Fast Company, and the Fiverr Blog to name a few.

4. Resume Writing and Recruiting Services

boomsa - Fiverr sellers who make six figures a  year in 2020

Charmaine Pocek is a triple-certified Resume Writer and Recruiter showcasing 17+ years of experience. She is among the most popular Fiverr sellers and her success on Fiverr has been featured in Forbes, The Huffington Post, The Ladders, Glassdoor, The Houston Chronicle, and career podcasts (Good Morning America contributor). She writes amazing resumes which have gotten thousands of people hired.

5. Professional Copywriting Services

levinewman - Fiverr sellers who make 6 figures a year

Levi Newman is an award-winning marketing writer who is passionate about creating engaging and compelling sales, ad, web and brand copy. From Amazon listings to personal websites, his mission is to ensure that each of his clients reach the success they deserve.

6. Digital Marketing

customdrumloops - digital marketing - Fiverr sellers who make six figures a year in 2020

Ryan aka customdrumloops on Fiverr, is a US based Top rated and Fiverr Pro seller with over 12,000 projects completed. His marketing work has been featured on Cheddar, CBS, in TIME Magazine, Forbes, The Washington Post and more.

7. Sales Copy

David-ff - brand development expert - Fiverr sellers who make 6 figures a year in 2020

David_ff is a brand development expert, a marketing expert, and a down right great guy to help you out, anything from business solutions to brand management and marketing.

8. Mobile App Marketing and Promotion

givemeapps - app marketing and promotion - Fiverr sellers who make six figures a year in 2020

Your app marketing strategy and how you promote your app will play a large part in how many people download your product. Givemeapps is one of the Top Rated Fiverr sellers and will help you out with making Video Critiques of your app and promoting them on their tech blog and social media channels.

9. Celebrity Impersonator and Video Marketing

socalchrist - Jesus Impersonator - Fiverr sellers who make six figures a year in 2020

One of the most popular profiles on Fiverr is socalchrist, a seller who impersonates Jesus and makes fun videos for clients. Jesus can endorse your business, rave about your products or services, or tell your customers about sales promotions… you name it.

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