The Rooms Project: Artist recreates iconic rooms as detailed 3D minimalist art

We all know what a doll’s house looks like. Now imagine a doll’s house where you recognise each piece of furniture; where the artwork on the walls looks familiar, and you’ve definitely seen that rug before.

During lockdown, artist Amrit Pal Singh has undertaken a new project called ‘The Rooms Project”, drawing inspiration from literature, art and films to recreate not only his favourite, but the most iconic, rooms in popular culture.

Singh is no stranger to minimalist design and interactive storytelling as a product and brand consultant. However, in this project, Singh takes on a new role as architect and interior designer, reimagining the rooms of classic fictional characters at a fraction of the size.

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Using tiny doll’s house style furniture and taking the key features and characteristics of each room, the final products are minimal, simple and colourful in design. Singh does well not to overwhelm his compositions, choosing the archetypical aspects of the characters’ spaces to reflect their personalities and the themes of their stories precisely.

Singh succeeds in producing a unique project that everyone can enjoy, whilst having fun guessing the inhabitants of each room.

Artworks via Behance by Amrit Pal Singh.

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | Vincent Van Gogh Bedroom in Arles.

Perhaps one of Vincent Van Gogh’s most famous paintings, Singh recreates ‘Bedroom in Arles’ painted in 1888. The painting itself is a simple composition of furniture with block colours, all of which Singh features in his project, swapping the original artwork on the walls with homages to Van Gogh himself.

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | Hogwarts room with artifact Mirror of Erised and Cloak of invisibility.

Although not a specific characters’ room, it is easily recognisable to any fan. Singh pays tribute to the Harry Potter series, recreating the grand, magical castle walls of Hogwarts and displaying iconic items from the series, namely, the mirror of Erised, Harry’s invisibility cloak and the balls used in Quidditch.

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | Murph's room from Interstellar.

With the floor to ceiling bookcase, a Rubix cube beside the bed and various nods to space travel and astronomy, there is no denying that this room belongs to the driven, keen explorer Murph from Interstellar.

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | The room with Aladdin's Lamp.

Choosing the two luxurious colours, gold and purple, to dominate the composition recalls the opulent cave that Aladdin explores. Swamping the floor with coins and raising the genie lamp on a raised platform makes it the focal point of the piece, patiently waiting for Aladdin to steal it.

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | The Simsons Living Room.

You can almost hear the theme tune of the Simpsons as you take in Singh’s composition. Those iconic pink walls and reliable old brown sofa can only belong to America’s favourite, most dysfunctional family. D’oh!

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | Jerry's room from Tom and Jerry Cartoons.

Although this is Jerry’s room you know that Tom isn’t far away with that mousetrap lurking in the doorway. Not that Jerry is innocent, with a room filled with weapons to take down anyone’s preoccupied housecat.

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The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | Bilbo Baggins Study Room from The Hobbit.

Singh’s miniature project perhaps best fits everyone’s favourite pint-sized Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins. With the circular features that recall the quaint architecture of The Shire, an unfinished novel spread wide on a desk and an ominous looking ring sat quietly on a shelf, Singh perfectly encapsulates adventurer Bilbo’s room.

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | The Jetsons Living Room.

Singh goes futuristic utopia for the Jetsons’ kitchen. Laying the table with their favourite foods and incorporating those bright oranges and reds we expect to see in the Jetson home, Singh completes the piece with the family’s trusted robot housekeeper, Rosie.

The Rooms Project on Huntlancer | Michael Scott's Office

Singh is wrapping up The Rooms Project with his favourite show of all times, The Office. ‘Michael Scott’s office room is the epicentre of everything that happens at Dunder Mifflin.’

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