Beyond Two Dimensions: 26 Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe

What can art achieve when it transcends the conventional dimensions? When creativity finds new planes of expression the outcome is often extraordinary and captivating. This is the magic of isometric art. This distinctive art form with its unique three-dimensional perspective, offers a different take on visual aesthetics, inviting us to appreciate artistic expression from a new angle. Isometric artists around the globe are transforming the art landscape, one pixel at a time.

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Isometric art is characterized by its depiction of three-dimensional objects in two dimensions, creating a unique blend of depth and simplicity. This art form is fascinating not just for its visual appeal but also for the complexity and skill required in its creation. And who are the craftsmen behind this unconventional artistic perspective? They are the diligent and creative isometric artists who constantly push the boundaries of visual representation.

The global art scene is enriched by the contributions of isometric artists from diverse cultural and professional backgrounds. Today we invite you to explore the work of 26 of the best isometric artists across the globe. These individuals have defied norms and challenged perspectives through their awe-inspiring creations.

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Eslam Mhd, Qatar

Eslam is an art director based in Qatar who specializes in Branding, Typography, and Layouts. Among his clients are Qatar airways, DHL, BMW, LG and Netflix.

Nguyen Nhut, Vietnam

Nguyen is a 3D artist and Motion designer from Vietnam.

Peter Tarka, UK

Peter’s work has been recognized and featured in various publications and exhibitions and his client list includes big brands such as Apple, Porsche, Genesis, Nike, LG and many others.

Guillaume Kurkdjian, France

Guillaume is a 2D and 3D illustrator based in Paris.

Colorful Blocks by Guillaume Kurkdjian | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
Colorful Blocks

Ömerfaruk Gök, Turkey

Omer is a Senior 3D artist from Bursa.

Filip Rastovic, Serbia

Filip has his own independent consultancy focusing on Conversion Optimization, Web and graphic design. When he’s not working with clients, Filip enjoys creating 3D art.

Isometric 3D City / Town Illustration by Filip Rastovic | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
Isometric 3D City / Town Illustration

Giulia Calistro, Brazil

Giulia is a freelance illustrator who creates art that’s visually appealing and engaging to look at. Her passion is to bring a sense of wonder and playfulness to the viewer.

Isometric Madrid by Giulia Calistro | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
Isometric Madrid

Meowy Poly, Canada

Meowy Poly is a self taught 3D designer who loves creating Low Poly cozy arts.

Roman Pavlovski, Australia

Roman is a self-taught 3D enthusiast from Sydney.

Ângelo Fernandes, Portugal

Ângelo Fernandes is a freelance 3D artist who’s been specializing in creating low poly art. Most of his work is isometric/diorama-like low poly art, but sometimes he creates other types of 3D, like cartoonish portraits of people, small animation videos, high poly modelling or even 2D illustrations.

Fishing village - low poly 3D by Ângelo Fernandes | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
Fishing village – low poly 3D

Rell 3D, Philippines

Jhanrell Dela Cruz is a freelance 3d artist from Manila.

Judith Ekedi Jangwa, France

Judith is a junior UI/UX designer from Bordeaux currently focusing on product design. She likes to explore, experiment and develop her skills in different fields such as UI/UX design, graphics, animation of graphic elements and web integration.

Mohamed Chahin, Germany

Mohamed is a senior artist and a freelance designer. Over the years he worked on branding, ads, illustrations, animations, motion graphics and video games.

To Binh Binh, Vietnam

To is a 3D illustration enthusiast from Ho Chi Minh.

Alix Poirier, Japan

Alix is a French 3D artist based in Tokyo passionate about everything that has to do with 3D and visual effects, from motion graphic, modeling to character design.

Lighthouse Island by Alix Poirier | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
Lighthouse Island

Bicture Studio, South Korea

Bicture is a motion design agency from Seoul.

SK 'Net Zero Space' Las Vegas by Bicture Studio | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
SK ‘Net Zero Space’ CES 2023 Las Vegas

Tran Vo, USA

Tran is a self-taught 3D artist in love with all cute and tiny things.

Sariselka, Spain

Sariselka is a freelance 3D illustrator and animator based in Madrid who works with brands, agencies, and start-ups from all over the world to create unique 3D artworks.

Ann Paziuk, Ukraine

Ann is a 2D Game Artist who specializes in icons, props, scenes and all things made for games.

Leandro Leanza, Italy

Leandro is a freelance Motion Designer, Video Editor and 3D Artist from Torino.

Ella K, Russia

Ella is a 3D artist from Moscow.

3D isometric witch hut by Ella K | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
3D isometric witch hut

Nguyen Thanh, Vietnam

Nguyen Thanh is a brand identity and 3D designer in Hanoi.

3D Isometric Tet Vietnam by Nguyen Thanh | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
3D Isometric Tet Vietnam

Rod Hunt, UK

Rod Hunt is an award winning London based Illustrator, map designer and the artist behind the bestselling Where’s Stig? books for the BBC’s hit TV show Top Gear.

50 Electric Blvd - Battersea Power Station Campaign by Rod Hunt | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
50 Electric Blvd – Battersea Power Station Campaign

Juliestrator, Georgia

Juliestrator has over 3 years of experience in 3D modeling and virtual environment design. She livestreams the process of creating interactive 3D experiences to teach and motivate people to bring their creative vision to life.

Yana Blyzniuk, Ukraine

Yana is a freelance 2D artist from Ukraine working with stylization and cartoon art.

Isometric props by Yana Blyzniuk | Best Isometric Artists Across the Globe
Isometric props

Roman Klco, Slovakia

Roman is a designer and 3D illustrator with a strong passion for learning, creating and sharing his journey with others. His mission is to inspire and lead designers to unlock their creative potential with 3D illustration by teaching on Polygon Runway channels.

As you delve into the world of isometric art you’ll uncover a realm of creativity that extends beyond the usual two dimensions. Remember, by recognizing the works of these extraordinary artists you’re not just appreciating a unique art form but also honoring the talent and innovation that drive artistic evolution. An isometric artist might just inspire your next big idea. Are you ready to see the world from a new perspective?

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