14 Sonic Fan Art Expressions as Fun as the Games

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Written By Liviu Craciun
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Ah, Sonic the Hedgehog. Since his debut in 1991 this cobalt-blue speedster has spun his way into the hearts of countless gamers worldwide. And as any seasoned Sonic enthusiast will tell you, the magic of these games doesn’t stop at the console, it leaps out of the screen, infusing the real world with a touch of whimsy and adrenaline-filled fun. Today, we’re taking that leap even further as we set foot in a universe as vibrant and thrilling as the games themselves: the world of Sonic fan art.

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And hey, who knows? You might just be inspired to create a masterpiece of your own. After all, Sonic’s world is a playground of boundless imagination and there’s always room for more adventurers. So, are you ready to rev up your engines and join the race?

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Carmen Ursino, Italy

Carmen Ursino is an illustrator and graphic designer from Cesena, Italy.

Sonic Fan Art by Carmen Ursino

Metin Seven, Netherlands

Metin is a Freelance Dutch visualizer, pixel artist, illustrator and 3D designer.

Muhammad Ariq Samsu, Indonesia

Muhammad is a freelance designer from Jakarta.

Sonic Fan Art by Muhammad Ariq Samsu

Jérémy Mathecowitsch, France

Jérémy is a 3d Modeler and sculptor with a big interest in miniatures and movies.

Sonic Fan Art by Jérémy Mathecowitsch

Aymeric Ingret, France

Aymeric Ingret is a French artist living in Paris. He has a master degree in Art Direction, he likes Sumerian history and working as a freelance 2D and 3D artist.

Brandon Dunn, USA

Brandon is currently working full-time as an engineer, but seeking opportunities in the art and animation industry.

Sonic Fan Art by Brandon Dunn

Christopher Anderson, USA

Christopher Anderson is a 3D/2D artist currently working with Futura Games Studio as Lead 3D Artist. In addition to his recent Futura work, he has done contract work ranging from textures, modeling, rigging, animation, promotional art, character design, custom Unity shader development, and 2d illustration.

Sonic Fan Art by Christopher Anderson

Damir G. Martin, Croatia

Damir is a computer graphics generalist, but his primary focus stands in paleoart, creature and character design. If you look for someone who can conceptualize, illustrate, model, texturize or render dinosaur, creature, character or something of that nature, he might be the guy to do it.

Bayard Wu, China

Bayard Wu is an illustrator and concept artist working in the games industry since 2008. He is the principal illustrator at Blizzard.

Ryan Smallman, Brazil

Ryan Smallman is an independent illustrator, designer and comic book artist based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Brian Moncus, USA

Brian Moncus is an Independent and Freelance Artist, proficient in Digital Illustration in Procreate and Adobe Photoshop.

Michal Kus, Netherlands

Michal Kus is a versatile Concept artist with skills ranging from fast sketches to proper quality illustrations. He has experience in both the video game and film industry.

Sonic Fan Art by Michal Kus

Alin Bolcas, UK

Alin Bolcas is a character artist living in London, UK.

Sonic Fan Art by Alin Bolcas

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