24 Creative Logo Designers to Hire Online in 2022

It’s rare to find a business without a logo. From a half-eaten apple adorning most technological items in sight, to the familiar curly script gracing the metallic red cans of the world’s favourite fizzy drink; we’d recognise those logos, and ultimately the brand, anywhere.

Although it seems like only a small facet in the grand scheme of a company, logos are a powerful and integral part of a brand and define their public image. It is imprinted on every product and business card, as well as being present on the website and any advertising campaign.

By providing a brand with a clear identity, a symbol that is minimal, creative and impactful, means it is ingrained into a customers’ memory. It doesn’t matter what country you are in if you spot a large, yellow ‘M’ on a storefront; you know exactly what salty fast food will greet you inside.

Behind every great logo is an even greater, talented designer; a person who understands that minimalism, colour scheme choice and innovative designs are at the essence of any impactful logo.

We find and feature talented freelancers from all around the world who specialise in just this, with their work exhibited below.

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Our site’s mission is to discover talented freelancers around the world and showcase their work for our readers. The freelancers featured in our posts are available for work and if you hire them through one of the Fiverr affiliate links below you won’t pay a penny more, but we’ll get a small commission, which helps keep the lights on. We really appreciate your support!

24 Creative Logo Designers to Hire Online in 2022

Jay Master Design, USA

Jay Master Design is an independent design studio based in Austin, TX.

Nour Oumousse, Morocco

Nour Oumousse is an independent Moroccan designer, specializing in identity and brand development, type design, iconic design, and minimal illustration.

Yoga Perdana, Indonesia

Yoga Perdana is a freelance illustrator and logo designer from Indonesia.

Moe Slah, Egypt

Moe Slah is a Digital Creative Director who’s been doing design work for 14 years, passionate about UI/UX, Branding, Products and Digital Designs.

Kakha Kakhadzen, Georgia

Kakha Kakhadzen is an identity and logo designer from Georgia.

Eddie Lobanovskiy, USA

Eddie Lobanovskiy is a designer, illustrator and photographer from the United States. He is the founder and creative director at unfold.co.

Lisa Jacobs, Netherlands

Lisa Jacobs is a strategic brand designer based in the Netherlands.

Alana Louise, USA

Alana Louise Lyons holds over ten years of professional experience leading projects and teams in agency environments and working directly with freelance clients. She currently resides in Austin, Texas.

Peter Voth, Germany

Peter Voth is a German graphic designer and illustrator who works mostly in the fields of branding, publishing and packaging and “aims for the good, the true and the beautiful”.

Milos Djuric, Serbia

Milos Djuric is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator who specializes in logo design.

Jeroen van Eerden, Netherlands

Jeroen is a passionate logo and identity designer based in Groningen, The Netherlands. He has worked as an independent designer for more than 100 companies worldwide over the last 7 years, some of the more notable clients including Google, Disney, Adobe, and Tinder.

Trey Ingram, USA

Trey Ingram is a designer and illustrator based in St. Augustine, Florida. He specializes in logos, branding, icons, packaging and illustration.

Myles Stockdale, UK

Myles Stockdale is a brand identity designer from the UK.

William Lovecraft, Spain

William is a graphic designer based in Madrid, Spain. After finishing his Master’s Degree in Graphic Design & Digital Environment in 2016, he started freelancing.

Allan Peters, USA

Allan Peters is a Creative Director/Designer from Minneapolis, running his own creative branding and design agency, Peters Design Company. His work has been recognized by every major design publication and he has worked with clients ranging from Nike to ESPN to Amazon.

Ruslan Babkin, Russia

Ruslan Babkin is a brand identity, branding, graphic design, icon, illustration and logo designer from Russia.

George Bokhua, USA

George Bokhua is a logo maker with more than 10 years experience in logo design. He has worked for big names such as Disney, New Balance, NFL, Wired Magazine.

Jetmir Lubonja, Albania

Jetmir Lubonja is a creative Brand Identity Designer from Tirana, Albania.

Damian Orellana, USA

Damian Orellana is a graphic designer & illustrator based in Brooklyn, New York who specializes in Design & Illustration.

Andrea Binski, UAE

Andrea is a Senior Brand Designer, with more than 7 years of experience in Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Corporate Identity Design, Packaging and Graphic Design.

Cory Uehara, USA

Cory Uehara is a Graphic and Logo Designer based in Portland, Oregon.

Badr Edd, Morocco

Badr is the founder of Logorilla, a Logo and Brand Identity company based in Morocco. He’s been working as a graphic designer for more than 10 years and created hundreds of logos for various companies around the world.

Matt Thompson, USA

Matt Thompson is an independent Graphic Designer from Austin, Texas, founder of his own studio, Matt Thompson Design Co., focusing on Branding, Packaging, Illustration and Custom Typography.

Jonathan Schubert, USA

Jonathan Schubert is a Graphic Designer & Illustrator based in Dallas, Texas. He focuses on branding and illustration with clients ranging from small to medium size businesses, apparel brands, and restaurants.

Whether it is an image relating to the brand, or just the company’s initials, the logo designers we have featured display the vast array of logo designs that are available. Despite how different and unique these designs are, they are all inspiring, memorable, and create a long-lasting impact.

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