10 Best Affordable Easels for Artist Professionals

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In the world of art the right tools can make all the difference, especially when it comes to easels. They provide not only physical support for canvases but also influence the creative process. The variety in easel designs caters to different artistic needs, from the sturdy H-Frame ideal for large studio works to lightweight, portable easels perfect for plein air painting. So, no matter if you’re an experienced artist or just beginning, it’s essential to find easels that strike a balance between quality and affordability. In this guide, we’ll explore the top 10 best easels for artist professionals, each offering unique features to suit your artistic endeavors.

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What type of Easel should you buy?

When deciding what type of easel to buy, consider your specific needs. For large canvas work and a sturdy option, the Blick Studio Heavy-Duty H-Frame is ideal and affordable. For plein air painters, the Blick Noir French Easel and ATWORTH French Easel offer portability and ease of use. The Studio Designs Deluxe is great for small spaces. If storage is a priority, the U.S. Art Supply Coronado Walnut excels. For taller artists, the Mont Marte Tripod Easel is adjustable, while the Blick Studio Aluminum Tripod Travel Easel is perfect for artists on the go. Choose based on your work style, space, and mobility needs.

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Best easels for professional artists

Blick Studio Heavy-Duty H-Frame Easel

The Blick Studio Heavy-Duty H-Frame Easel stands out as a top choice for professional artists. Its robust construction ensures stability and supports larger canvases, making it ideal for expansive projects. Although its weight can pose a challenge when adjusting with a canvas mounted, its sturdiness compensates for this minor inconvenience. The assembly process may require patience, as the instructions lack detail, and some artists have noted the need for adjustments during setup. However, once assembled, its aesthetic appeal and functionality shine through. This easel not only serves as a reliable tool for painting but also adds an artistic touch to the studio space, all at a surprisingly affordable price. Its combination of solidity, functionality, and value makes it a commendable choice for artists seeking the best easels for their professional work.

Best Classic Santa Fe II Easel

Best Classic Santa Fe II Easel is a game-changer for professional artists, especially those who spend long hours at the canvas. Its standout feature is the crank mechanism that allows for easy vertical adjustments of the canvas, significantly reducing physical strain and enabling artists to focus more on their creative work. The easel is praised for its ease of assembly, robust construction, and attractive design, offering both functionality and visual appeal. Despite some concerns about the durability of the plastic casters, many users find them adequate, particularly if the easel isn’t moved frequently. Its capability to securely hold a wide range of canvas sizes, including large 48″ squares, makes it a versatile and dependable choice. The combination of easy canvas adjustment, solid build, and versatility make it highly recommended for professional artists seeking the best easels for painting.

Blick Noir French Easel by Jullian

The Blick Noir French Easel by Jullian is a perfect blend of functionality, portability, and style, making it a great value for its price. Ideal for plein-air painters, this French-style easel combines compactness and ease of transport with an elegant black finish. Though the set-up instructions are somewhat lacking, users have found online resources helpful for assembly. It’s well-constructed, lightweight, and sturdy, suitable for outdoor painting sessions. The included palette adds to its convenience. Overall, it’s a fantastic purchase for artists who appreciate a well-designed, functional, and affordable easel for their outdoor adventures.

Studio Designs Deluxe Easel

The Studio Designs Deluxe Easel is a versatile and practical choice for artists working in confined spaces, such as a small summer studio. Its adjustable parts make it ideal for drawing from still life, though it may require frequent tightening to hold the drawing board securely. Its ease of assembly, stability, and ability to accommodate a wide range of canvas sizes, including large mural canvases, are highly appreciated. Despite its sturdiness, it maintains a small footprint, making it a valuable asset for artists who need to optimize their workspace. The easel’s functionality and compact design make it a great choice for both displaying large art pieces and supporting extensive painting projects.

Richeson Dulce Easel

The Richeson Dulce Easel is an excellent option for beginners or artists with limited studio space. It features a unique brace across the back for added counterbalance when working with heavy materials. Despite its solid and sturdy build, it’s light enough to be moved around easily, making it ideal for dynamic studio setups. The easel’s easy assembly, attractive wood finish, and durable construction add to its appeal. Its capability to support large canvases, as evidenced by artists purchasing a second easel for this purpose, speaks volumes about its practicality and quality. This easel combines functionality, ease of use, and aesthetic appeal, making it a valuable tool for artists prioritizing space efficiency without compromising on quality.

U.S. Art Supply Coronado Walnut Easel

The U.S. Art Supply Coronado Walnut Easel is a top-notch choice for artists seeking functionality and convenience. Its most notable feature is the ample storage space, including a removable drawer insert that effectively doubles as two drawers. The easel is beautifully crafted with a fine finish and can accommodate a variety of canvas sizes. Its sturdy yet portable design, made of real wood, exceeds expectations, especially given its affordability. Easy to set up, it’s perfect for outdoor sketching and painting sessions. Overall, it delivers exceptional value and quality, making it an excellent choice for artists of all levels.

Mont Marte Tripod Easel H.D. Beech

The Mont Marte Tripod Easel H.D. Beech is highly praised for its versatility and quality. Its adjustable height is perfect for taller artists, and its sturdy construction of polished solid wood ensures durability and aesthetic appeal. This easel stands out for lacking an overhanging lip on the top clamp, a feature often found annoying in other models. The spacious tool tray adds convenience, accommodating various art tools. It’s ideal for both studio work and outdoor painting, being easy to carry and aesthetically pleasing. This easel is a fantastic choice for both budding and professional artists.

Falling In Art French Easel Box

The Falling In Art French Easel Box is a highly functional and convenient choice for artists who value organization and portability. The storage drawer is well-designed, offering ample space for art supplies and even doubles as a small table. The wood construction gives it a pleasant, natural scent reminiscent of deep woods. It’s versatile enough to accommodate cross stitch accessories and is easy to set up, making it ideal for painting outside the studio. While sturdy for general use, some users note the need to occasionally tighten the front legs. The only minor drawback is the back metal tripod leg, which may require reinforcement when fully extended. Despite this, it’s a well-constructed easel that artists would happily purchase again.

ATWORTH French Easel for Painting

The ATWORTH French Easel stands out for its functional design and aesthetic appeal, particularly suitable for plein air painting. Its oak construction ensures durability, while the walnut finish adds elegance. This easel offers versatility with both tabletop and tripod floor options, accommodating various painting environments. The side shelf is practical for holding a palette, although the easel is somewhat heavy when loaded with paints. While assembly is not the quickest, it’s straightforward and can securely hold canvases up to 34 inches. Overall, this easel combines quality, versatility, and style, enhancing the outdoor painting experience.

Blick Studio Aluminum Tripod Travel Easel

The Blick Studio Aluminum Tripod Travel Easel is highly regarded for its quality and ease of assembly. Its lightweight yet sturdy aluminum construction makes it ideal for plein air painting and travel. The easel’s stability is notable, with a tray that stays in place during use. It offers versatility in setup, being easily adjustable for use on a desk or floor. Additionally, it comes with a convenient carrying case. While its plastic components are sturdy, they might be the weakest link over long-term use. This easel is a practical choice for artists on the go.


Choosing the right easel can significantly enhance your artistic process. From sturdy H-frame models to portable plein-air options, these top 10 best affordable easels for painting offer something for every professional artist. Remember, the best easel not only supports your canvas but also your creative journey.

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