24 Unusual Freelance Jobs Some People Do For A Living Today

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With the advancements made in online technology, the wide world of freelance work is booming more than ever, allowing people to make a living off all kinds of jobs. As long as they have access to the internet, a way for customers to reach them, and consistent demand, freelance workers can provide just about any service that you can think of.

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Therefore, we wanted to take an in-depth look at some of the weirdest and most unusual freelance jobs on the market that real people are providing each and every day!

24. Online Pick-up Artist Instructor

In the modern world of online dating, pick up lines are king and making a good first impression must be done within a couple of sentences. Therefore, perhaps it should come as no surprise that you can now pay freelancer pick-up artists to instruct and coach you on the art of catching someone’s eye.

23. Paid Wedding Guest

Believe it or not, you can now pay for guests to come to your wedding! Why would you want to do such a thing? – you may be asking. Some may be looking to bulk out the numbers, while others might want to kickstart a certain mystery over who these unrecognisable guests are.

22. Happiness consultant

Mental health problems are growing across the world and maintaining your own happiness has arguably never been more of a concern. Therefore, you can actually pay for a happiness consultant to coach your day-to-day mental practices, ensuring that you get the most out of your life.

21. Line waiter

Let’s face it, who enjoys waiting in lines? Whether it’s queuing up for the latest iPhone or lining up for a ride at your favourite theme park, waiting in line is mind-numbingly boring. However, you can now pay for professionals to take your place in the queue, freeing up your time and ridding you of the boredom.

20. Snake Milker

What exactly is a snake milker? Well, in order to extract venom from poisonous snakes, someone must first milk the animal. This is essentially the process of getting the snake to bite down and exude the venom. This can then be used for analysis and the eventual creation of an antivenom.

19. Professional Mourner

Very similar to the hired wedding guests, you can also pay for people to attend a funeral and serve as additional mourners for someone’s death. The general idea is the create the impression that this person is set to be missed by many.

18. Professional Cuddler

Who doesn’t need a good cuddle? It has been proven that hugs produce certain chemicals within the brain, thus improving your general mood. Therefore, it seems only logical that there are now professional cuddlers who aim to provide such a service.

17. Train Pusher

Some countries employ freelance train pushers to assist with the rush hour traffic on platforms. Essentially, this involves pushing passengers until they can all squeeze into the carriage and the train can depart. Yes, this is a real thing!

16. Freelance Bounty hunter

When someone skips bail, bounty hunters are legally allowed to pursue them and make citizens’ arrests. They can even enter the residence of the bail jumper without a warrant if they have reasonable cause to believe the person is inside.

15. Professional sleeper

While this may sound strange, there is logic to it. Professional sleepers are generally employed to take part in medical research. The research company will pay them to sleep, then monitor them, often changing the conditions, medication, or any other parameters to come to some kind of conclusion. This can be helpful when developing new drugs or products.

14. Fortune Cookie Writer

Have you ever wondered where all those wise messages come from? Coming up with so many unique, memorable, and interesting messages takes talent! Essentially, we are talking about gifted creative writers who specialise in the fortune cookie market.

13. Freelance Genealogist

Many people are interested in tracing back their family tree these days. However, going through so many old records can be both difficult and time-consuming. Fortunately, there are now experts in the field who will do all the legwork for you!

12. Baby name consultant

One of the most important decisions we make in our lives is what to call our children. After all, this choice impacts the rest of their lives! You can now actually pay a baby name consultant to talk you through certain options, the history behind the names, and to give you advice.

11. Cat catcher

Firefighters are not always on hand to rescue cats from trees. When our little feline friends go wandering off, it can be near impossible to locate them again. However, you can now hand the task over to professional cat catchers! These freelancers are also used to catch abandoned or feral cats, which can then be sent to the local shelter.

10. Calligrapher

Mastering the art of calligraphy, also known as fancy handwriting, can take years and years. So, why not just pay an expert to do it for you? Whether you want an impressive written letter, a tattoo design, or anything else, these guys are the people to contact!

9. Spring cleaning helper

Spring cleaning is one of the biggest chores of the year, when you hit the reset button on your home and give it a much-needed deep cleanse. Of course, this takes a lot of time and elbow grease. However, there are now freelance spring cleaning experts who specialise in this operation!

8. Professional TV Watcher

Much like our professional sleepers, TV watchers are often utilised as a part of medical trials or for reviewing purposes. Sometimes film and TV companies want to get early feedback on a new show/picture, while other times research companies may want to monitor the effect of certain TV use.

7. Luxury House Sitter

People with expensive homes often do not like to leave them empty due to risk of break-ins and robberies. Therefore, if they go away on holiday or a work trip, they can employ luxury house sitters to look after the place while it would otherwise be vacant. What a great way to earn some money!

6. Gross Stunt Tester

We’ve all seen gross stunts on reality TV shows, such as eating bugs on I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here. However, before a celeb can chow down on the creepy crawlies, someone has to test them to make sure it is safe… and entertaining. Enter the gross stunt tester!

5. Pearl Diver

This job does what it says on the tin. Pearls can be very valuable if found in a good size and condition. Therefore, people now earn a living diving down to the depths of the ocean and finding the precious stones.

4. Human Scarecrow

What’s even better than a straw scarecrow? A human one! Scarecrows are dressed up to look like humans to prevent birds from eating the nearby crops. However, the cunning crows can often figure out this little trick, so a real-life human version is far more effective.

3. Car Plate Blocker

In certain areas where traffic is restricted by license plate numbers, some people have found an ingenious solution, employing a person to walk behind them and block their number plate! This has to be one of the most unusual freelance jobs out there!

2. Car watchmen

Much like our luxury homes, those who own expensive cars sometimes feel uncomfortable leaving them unguarded. Therefore, they pay freelancers to watch over the vehicle to prevent break-ins and robberies while they are away.

1. Ostrich Babysitter

Ostrich Babysitter - Unusual Freelance Jobs

Believe it or not, yes, this is a real job. Ostrich chicks are very sensitive in the first three months of their lives and require constant care. Remember, the more chicks that survive, the more money the owners make, so it is a worthwhile investment for them.

Do you do an unusual freelance job? We’d love to hear about it, so let us know in the comments section!

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