NFT Playing Cards Collective Art Project

Coming out on Foundation in September 28

NFTs are creating a revolution in the art world, and Huntlancer is thrilled to contribute with an exciting project. We are producing and issuing a Playing Card Deck Ultra Rare Edition where each card in the pack (a standard deck with two Jokers, as well as the back cover) is individually designed by one of the 55 selected artists from around the world and turned into an unique animated NFT (non-fungible token).

For each 1/1 NFT minted we will be issuing a physical pack of cards, a special edition – only 55 Special Edition Decks will be released . The first-time NFT Token buyer will receive the pack in the mail at the time of release. More details to be announced!

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We are on the hunt for artists who are up to the challenge, see how you can enter below.

Selected Artists Rewards:

  • Each featured artist will get a 50% share from the public sale of their individual NFT card
  • Each featured artist will get a 5% recurring commission each time the NFT is sold again.

Each of the 55 NFT playing cards will be dropped and auctioned on Foundation NFT platform starting September 28.

NFTs are an exciting new way to sell, purchase and collect art. For all the details, check out guide from BBC.

What makes our NFT Playing Card Edition special?

  • One-of-a-kind project in the NFT world
  • For each minted NFT we issue one physical pack of cards deck
  • Only 500 Physical Collector’s Edition Decks will be ever released
  • Each physical pack will include a certificate of authenticity

*The physical pack of cards will be issued to the NFT owner at the time of shipment. Please note that the NFT will hold more value by including the digital and physical component – more details to be announced during the project.

Here’s how to participate as an Artist:

  1. Read through our Guidelines below
  2. Send us an email through our contact page with the headline – ‘NFT Playing Cards Project’ – and we will assign you a Card Template. Please include a link to your artist portfolio/profile
  3. After we confirm your participation, you may submit your piece directly by email or by Instagram using the #huntlancer hashtag, or DM us directly at @huntlancercom, we will make sure to check all the tags/messages

Requirements and Guidelines

  • Open to participants from all over the world, all ages
  • Art Theme and Style: open, let the assigned playing card inspire you
  • Each confirmed artist will be assigned a card first as detailed in the ‘How to participate’ section, to make sure we cover all the 54 Cards + Back Cover
  • Card Image Format and Resolution will be sent to you as a Card Template
  • For each card we will issue a static design for the physical pack and an animated one for the NFT
  • If selected, you will need to agree with the NFT sale terms at the time of auction

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us here.

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