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Collection is available on KnownOrigin

The people of Ukraine need all the support they can get in these challenging times, and we want to express our solidarity with the brave Ukrainians fighting for their freedom by doing everything in our power to raise funds and awareness. We’d also like to express a warm thanks to Crypto Art Ukraine, our partners for this project.

We’re releasing an multi-artist NFT collection featuring 25 Ukrainian artists. The collection is named ‘Sunflower Chronicles‘ and features a series of virtual art ‘stamps’ inspired by the heroism and bravery of Ukrainians fighting against the brutal Russian invasion.

Over the past few months, the world has witnessed Ukrainian heroes and incredible stories of bravery — from the soldiers defending their homeland to the mothers doing the impossible to protect their loved ones. What better way to honor that than to ‘stamp’ some of these stories for eternity and tell them to future generations through the medium of art? We invited artists to harness their creativity and use their own unique style to tell their stories.

The project is a tribute to the new Ukrainian postage stamp made by artist Boris Groh

NFT Drop and Fundraiser Details:

  • drops on KnownOrigin , August 27
  • Fundraising Target: 111 ETH
  • buyers will be able to purchase the NFTs with ETH (ether) and the sale’s proceeds will directly split as mentioned below.
  • 61 ETH will go to all Ukrainian Artists involved in this project.
  • 50 ETH will go to the Trinity Foundation Ukraine – you can also donate directly to their ETH address: 0x2d5d3d83ffe39Eb0Bc8140E584E5f4b0BF4EEE8d

* Each time a work is bought, the proceeds are automatically sent to the Ukrainian Artists involved and to the Trinity Foundation using a Smart Contract Split. We are a tiny studio and we need to keep a minimum of 10% for covering the production costs and NFT minting fees.

Artist Lineup:

How to participate in our future projects:

  • Open to artists, all ages
  • Send us an email – Please include a link to your artist portfolio/profile.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us here.